Monday, June 29, 2009

Mojito Recipe. A Classic Cuban Tropical cocktail drink made with rum and mint.

Tropical Cocktails: How to make a great Mojito, with recipe and instructions.

The Mojito a classic Cuban tropical cocktail that has become very popular again.

The main driving flavor behind the Mojito is mint. It is a very refreshing drink and is most often enjoyed during the summer months. Overall a very enjoyable vintage rum tropical cocktail.

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•  1.5 oz White Rum (Bacardi, Cruzan, etc.)
•  1/2 Fresh Lime Juice
•  10 Fresh Spearmint Leaves
•  4 tsp of White Sugar
•  Sparkling Cube Soda

Mixing directions:
Muddle or just slightly bruise the  mint and lime in a glass.
Add the rum and the sugar and then stir for a few seconds.
Add ice to the glass.
Fill with the club soda and then stir again.

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Mojito Article Summary
Tropical cocktails recipes presents the Mojito Recipe, learn to make a mojito mixed drink. Learn about rum drinks and rum recipes.  

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