Friday, June 26, 2009

Tropical Cocktails, Original Sex on the Beach Recipe. A Great Summer Vodka Cocktail.

Tropical Cocktails: How to make the original "Sex on the Beach" cocktail.

A Great Summer Cocktail.
What a great name!
This one tastes fantastic and is easy to make. This is the most original Sex on the Beach recipe that we could find. A classic summer cocktail using Vodka and Peach Schnapps.

INGREDIENTS: Sex on the Beach
• 1 1/2 Parts Vodka Cheaper Vodka is fine because the peach flavor is very strong.
• 1/2 Part Peach Schnapps
• 2 Parts Orange Juice
• 2 Parts Cranberry Juice (Often forgotten)
Mix Vodka and schnapps in a glass already filled
with ice. Add juices and Enjoy!

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Tropical drink recipes presents the Original Sex on the Beach recipe, a great mixed drink. Learn about tropical cocktails popular in the 1980's. A great vodka recipe.

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