Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tropical Cocktails: The "Raspberry Kamikaze" recipe made with Vodka and Chambord raspberry liqueur.

Tropical drink recipes: Learn how to make the Raspberry Kamikaze cocktail drink.

The name Kamikaze itself should warn you about the punch of this drink. There is 6 ounces of alcohol in this mixed drink so watch out because it taste very good. The Chambord really comes through with it's raspberry flavor. The triple sec adds a nice citrus twist and the vodka gives it a nice subtle kick. A easy drink to make and enjoy. This is a nice cocktail to sip while on the beach.

For even more of a raspberry taste, use raspberry vodka.

Very easy to make, just 2 parts of the follow three ingredients.

Raspberry Kamikaze Recipe:
2 oz vodka (Skyy, Smirnoff, Grey goose, Etc.)
2 oz triple sec
2 oz Chambord

Mixing Instructions:
Mix in a cocktail shaker with ice until nice and cold.
Strain and pour into a cocktail glass will ice.

To learn more about Chambord, follow this link: Chambord

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Tropical drink recipes presents the raspberry kamikaze recipe. This is a great vodka recipe and a nice Chambord recipe to try today. Learn to make umbrella drinks and beach drinks.

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