Friday, November 25, 2011

Tropical Cocktail Drink Archive: "SOHO Lagoon Punch" a great cocktail for a tiki party or luau.

Tropical cocktail drink recipe: How to make the SOHO Lagoon Punch.

A wonderful cocktail punch recipe to serve at a luau or tiki party.

This one of our favorite drinks to serve at tiki parties in the summer time.
It tastes great, and is a super easy breezy cocktail to make.
It's just basically two liqueur's and club soda.

The liqueurs used in this cocktail are lychee liqueur and blue curaçao.
Lychee liqueur: Lychee is unknown to many, but is becoming very popular as of late.
Lychee is a type of fruit with a sweet perfume like flavor. The Clear colorless liqueur is just as exotic and distinctive as it is smooth.  There is also a hint of rose petal to the flavor.
Blue curaçao: A citrus cocktail with a blue color. Similar to Cointreau or triple sec. This is what gives this drink a the visual punch and tropical feel.

SOHO Lagoon Punch Recipe
• 3 Parts SOHO Lychee Liqueur
• 1.5 Parts blue curaçao
• 3.5 Parts of club soda
• Orange slices to use as a cocktail garnish

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:
Mix the ingredients directly into a tropical punch bowl.
Add ice cubes.
Garnish with orange slices.
You can really doll up this punch with other garnishes and flowers.

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Learn to make drinks with this great tropical cocktail drink recipe. The Lagoon Punch, is a great tropical punch recipe that is easy to serve at a summer party, tiki party or luau.  The mixed drink is easy to make and the color of the drink looks like a tropical lagoon.

Cocktail drink recipes that use lychee liqueur as a main ingredient.  This is also a great tropical punch recipe to serve in a punch bowl. A wonderful blue cocktail drink recipe.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful post! I've always been a fan of tropical punch cocktail, especially the Lagoon Punch, Long Island Iced Tea and Long Beach Iced Tea since their flavor and taste give a laid-back feeling. It would also be great to use a cool Glassware set to match its exotic appeal.