Monday, March 5, 2012

Tropical cocktail drinks: The "BLACK Pineapple" Shot using Malibu Black as a base.

Tropical drinks presents: how to make the "Black Pineapple" shot.

Here is a fun shot using the new Malibu Black.

It's very easy to make and different than the norm.
It's got nice tropical hues, due to the pineapple and coconut rum.
The pepper puts a subtle depth to the drink.
Give it a try today!

BLACK Pineapple Shot Recipe:
• 1 part Malibu BLACK
• 1 dash Pineapple syrup
• Black pepper

Mixing Instructions
If possible try and chill the Malibu Black in the frig or freezer.
Add a dash or two of pineapple syrup.
Garnish with some fresh ground black pepper.

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Article Summary
Learn about a new tropical drink recipe using the new Malibu Black as a base ingredient. A good tropical rum recipe to try.

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